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  • Wednesday, 22 May 2024

Shortlist CEO Paul Breloff Hosted by YALI and DFTNews Kenya - Job Seekers, Employers, Talent, Partnership & Recruitment

Listen to Paul Breloff, CEO and Co-founder Shortlist on how they are building a better way to hire, combining the best of tech, data, and human touch to provide executive search and talent technology services across India, Kenya, and now 20+ countries globally.

Shortlist is an executive search and talent tech company building great teams across Africa, India, and 20+ countries.

They combine market depth, best-in-class technology and robust analysis to find and hire the right people, whether C-suite executives or entry-level analysts. Their work is divided into two areas: Shortlist Search for full-service senior hiring and Shortlist Talent Drives for tech-powered mass recruitment and job placement.

In this episode, Paul Breloff, the CEO and Co-founder of Shortlist Company delves into how their company has taken their tech platform to designing and implementing large scale youth employment programs where they are trying to prepare young Kenyans and Africans into jobs and getting the critical work experience that enables them to learn the kinds of soft skills that will help them throughout their careers as well as getting that initial credential on their CVs and LinkedIn profiles and ultimately make them stand out in a complicated job market. This, he says is very much in line with the role YALI is playing in the East African region.

He goes ahead to tell us about the future of this project, their success stories, collaborations and partnerships they have made and yet to make with various groups of people, and more. Worth noting is his passionate interest in climate change and clean energy. 

This interesting conversation is hosted by YALI in collaboration with DFTNews Kenya. 

Host: Fred Tunya
Guest: Paul Breloff

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