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  • Wednesday, 22 May 2024
Prophet Dr. Owour Performs Miracles In Angola

Prophet Dr. Owour Performs Miracles In Angola

The Mightiest Prophet of Lord ,Dr. Owour flew out of the country on Thurday 26th March 2022 headed to the nation of Angola accompanied by delegates from Repenance and Holiness Church including the senior church leadership.

Prophet Dr. Owour upon arrival was received by Angola government officials, the senior church leadership and Julia Maingo a formerly total cripple who walked days before Dr. Owour left the country after making an announcement on Jesus Is Lord Radio that carries the ministry's broadcasts.

On the second day the nation of Angola observed a national repentancce where the entire gathering in Campo Mario Santiago Stadium was dressed in sackcloth as hey brought their repentance before the Lord after the global pastors and ministers of the gospel conference on the firs day delivered by Dr. Owour.

On the final day of the crusade Prophet Dr. Owour conducted a healing service, after making a short prayer to God, miracles broke loose in the entire  stadium where cripples walked, blind eyes opened and deaf ears poped open. Some received their healing in parts of Angola as they were following the live event according to the announcement made while going on with the service.

Shockinngly all the way from Angola a cripple got and walked right in Kayole as they were also gathered in their churches following the healing service in Angola and several parts of the world including China.

According to reports seen by Digitally Fit Dr. Owour prayed for a senior government official who was present at the event and decreed peace to the nation of Angola and its leadership that they will not experience violence as the nation is set to hold general elecions this year.

Prophet Dr. Owour landed back to the country on Tuesday 31st May after the successful mission. The members of his church Repentance and Holiness stormed JKIA to welcome him back to the country.

"Mightiest Mightiest Prophets of Jehovah Yahweh, Welcome back to Nairobi Kenya" read one of the banners displayed by part of the church members.

"Kangemi Region Celebrates, Judith Nandwa bedridden for 6monhs" read another banned showing photos of after and before healing.

This becomes the first mission out of Kenya since the Coronavirus outbreak.

 Prophet Dr. Owour is set to lead Kenya in a national repentance at Uhuru Garden, Nairobi in July before the August 2022 general elections.


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