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  • Wednesday, 22 May 2024
No One Is Going To Rescue You: Eric Omondi To Kenyan Youths.

No One Is Going To Rescue You: Eric Omondi To Kenyan Youths.

The President of Comedy East Africa, Comedian Eric Omondi pens bitter words of advice for Kenyan youths. It's action time no one is going to rescue you.


The comedian took to his social media,  dressed in clothes almost similar to those of inmates in Kenyan prisons, and his hands in handcuffs holding a key.

In his post "This is a Letter to every young person in this Country... no one is coming to save you, NO ONE is Coming to RESCUE you!!! You will have to Save yourselves!!!" he begun

"Percent of the unemployed in this Country are youths, 90% Percent of people in Prison in this country are Youths!!! Another 90% Percent of houses locked and people going hungry are Youths and Yet 68 Percent of Voters are YOUTHS!!!", he added claiming to be statistics to support his message as to why youths need to come out and save themselves


Eric asked the Kenyan youths to start preparing themselves mentally so that when the call for action was rung they would be ready to answer it.

"Youths GET READY!!! PREPARE YOURSELF!!! When we make the CALL we will need you to RISE UP!!!

We will UNITE!!! We will take over and we will CHANGE OUR FORTUNES and the COURSE of this NATION." Omondi called out

 "OUR TIME IS COMING!!!" he added in conclusion.


By:Mokaya Khatai

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