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  • Tuesday, 06 June 2023
Mystery of missing teen pop star, Czars – John Allan Namu to investigate

Mystery of missing teen pop star, Czars – John Allan Namu to investigate


The artist, who gave Kenyans the hit track ‘Amka Ukatike’, disappeared at 17, a week before sitting for his Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education exams in 2006.

Recently, a Kenyan on Twitter revived the disappearance and called on investigative journalist John-Allan Namu to look into the matter, saying that fans needed closure. In response, Namu pledged to help Kenyans understand what happened to Czars.

Czars’ disappearance has left many questions unanswered, and rumors about his whereabouts have been circulating for years.

Some believe that he may have disappeared to avoid sitting for the national exams, while others claim that he was with an Italian woman who catered to his every need. Despite these claims, no concrete information has ever come to light.

Czars’ father, who appeared on local television with tears in his eyes, pleaded for anyone with information on his son’s whereabouts to come forward. Many Kenyans, including fans of Czars, have been left wondering what really happened to him.

With Namu’s pledge to help investigate the matter, there is hope that the mystery of Czars’ disappearance will finally be solved and that his family and fans will finally find closure.

As Namu and his team work to uncover the truth, we can only hope they will have a much needed success bringing Czars’ story to light.

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