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  • Wednesday, 04 October 2023
Men: 3 Reasons Why Some Of You Are Single

Men: 3 Reasons Why Some Of You Are Single

1. You’re not even in the game

Problem: For some, the problem is that they are simply not even in the game. You are part of the benchwarmer crowd if you have not gone on a date in the past six months, barring any trauma from a past relationship that has led to a prolonged healing time.


2. You’re too entitled

Problem: Some of you have unrealistic expectations for women and relationships. You want a woman who is hot, educated, independently wealthy, has no kids, healthy (but not a vegan), knows how to keep a home, etc. These women, are typically not going to be interested in you if you don’t also have all those things going for you.


3. You don’t like women

Problem: You don’t actually like women. Some of you might actually hate women. Don’t get confused, I’m not talking about sexual attraction — I’m not saying you’re not heterosexual. I’m saying, you don’t like women as people. You appreciate women for their brains because of how others will perceive you for having a woman with brains and not that you want to engage with said brains.


I have lived in quite a few regions of the United States and have been surprised to see the aforementioned blind spots pop up all around the country and among a variety of different types men. My hope is that this has brought you some clarity and at least given you some ideas to mull over. I am curious as to what other blind spots you have noticed that are keeping men single. I would love to hear about different age groups and different cultural norms.


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