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  • Tuesday, 06 June 2023
How a young man from Germany took the lead in creating Made in Rwanda clothing

How a young man from Germany took the lead in creating Made in Rwanda clothing

Paul Böger told IGIHE that after graduating from high school, he came to Rwanda for a one-year training course at the Kigali City Environmental Center.

Through the training she conducted in 2015, she was inspired by the modeling industry in Rwanda that she had been in the industry for many years but at that time for the first time she decided to start making her own Made in Rwanda clothing from his thoughts.

"I was very happy to make the costumes from our ideas but now it's for 'Made in Rwanda'."

In 2016 she says she enjoyed making clothes that were popular with many and even went so far as to receive positive feedback from her that she had a good idea.

Böger chose to work with a Rwandan clothing manufacturer and a fashion house called 'Izuba Clothing'.

In 2016 he unveiled the ‘Made in Rwanda’ outerwear and unveiled it at the Shaban Masengesho Exhibition in Mainz.

After making the clothes she takes them home to Germany and stores them in the store where she has them, once she delivers them she starts selling them on the website at https://www.izubaclothing.com/

After participating in various activities in Germany and other border countries, the young man introduced his unique model 'Made in Rwanda' and said that many of his fellow whites were happy with it.

He says most people don't care about where their clothes are made and only the maker says it's important for him to say it and show where the clothes came from and who is doing it.

He opted to promote the production in Rwanda as he saw a large number of Rwandan costumes from abroad.

“Rwandan shops and markets are full of products from outside Rwanda in neighboring countries or many from Europe, Asia or the United States. But Rwandan clothes are not sold in Europe. Thanks to the efforts and awareness I have found in 'Made in Rwanda' Rwanda, I have found it to be a great way to promote these clothes on a global scale. ”

"There is a huge market for the manufacture and sale of clothing, I want 'Made in Rwanda' clothing to be very popular in Europe, especially in Germany."

He says the idea of calling his shop ‘Sun’ came from the fact that the sun is shining every day, and he wants his shop to remain like the sun.

In the next five years he wants to be in the market for his clothes in Rwanda. His goal is to have a clothing store in Rwanda and Germany.

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