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  • Wednesday, 04 October 2023
Serious and Bad War Coming To Kenya

Serious and Bad War Coming To Kenya

The Mightiest Prophet of the Lord, Dr. Owour has once again warned the Nation Of Kenya of a serious war that is coming. In a prophecy given live on Jesus Is Lord Radio on 13th April 2023, Dr. Owour said that the Lord Almighty the one who takes people to heaven and He who takes people to hell, the one who sent as Christ Jesus showed him of war coming, and a bad war.

He saw a bombing from above and the soldiers were running,  and the police were running to hide since they were being bombed from above and it seemed like another country attacked Kenya.

The Mightiest Prophets asked the Nation of Kenya that the Lord is demanding repentance if the war comes it will destroy the revival that is ongoing in the country. "My worry is if the Lord ever forgave this country", he added in conclusion.

In the year 2022 before the general elections, Dr. Owour held a national repentance meeting at Jamhuri grounds in Nairobi where he led the nation in national repentance and prayed for the 2022 peaceful elections and indeed the country witnessed peaceful elections. The repentance meeting was seen attended by several government leaders.

Prophet Dr. Owour has given several prophecies that DFTNews has been following and has witnessed their fulfillment among them several healing and miracles that he has performed.

Dr.Owour is set to fly out of the country within the months of April 2023 to the nation of Brazil for 17days conducting healing and revival meetings in the different cities of Brazil after just accomplishing another successful meeting in Ivory Cost weeks ago.

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